Please Help Us Build the Amend Park Pavilion



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Yellowstone Soccer Association has made significant contributions toward the cost of constructing the Amend Park Pavilion.  Thank you, YSA, for helping to improve the park!!! We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you, Brian Thompson of Western Security Bank, Laurel, for supporting our Pavilion project.  We appreciate your help!!

Thank you, Tim Harlan of Ameriprise Financial, for your donation to our Pavilion project!

Thank you to the law firm of Crowley Fleck PLLP for its donation to our Pavilion project! We are very grateful for your generous contribution.

Many thanks to the Bratlands at Best Western Kelly Inn & Suites, neighbors of Amend Park, for their generous donation to our Pavilion project.  These are wonderful people with a beautiful hotel.  Please send visitors their way!!

Thank you to Pam Malek and everyone at ExxonMobil for their generous donation to our Amend Park Pavilion project! We are so grateful for the support you have shown the soccer community through this donation and through your continued sponsorship of Recycling at Amend Park.

Many, many thanks!!

THANK YOU, Tom Dimich of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, for your contribution to our Pavilion project!!  You have shown us such great support, personally and through your business.  We appreciate it so much!!

Thank you to PHOTO CREATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY for the generous support shown to our soccer park.  We appreciate your donation and your interest in helping us improve Amend Park!!

Thank you to Robin Fladland of Retriever Payment Systems for all of your help with our fundraising and for your contribution to our Pavilion project!




THANK YOU, Jenny Barriger and

Simply Family Magazine,

for your wonderful support!!  

Thank you for spreading the word

about our Pavilion project!!


Mr. Ben Uselman is one of the primary reasons we have such a great soccer park. THANK YOU for all of your hard work to improve Amend Park years ago!!!!  AND, many, many thanks for your current support and your generous donation to our Pavilion project!! 

Thank you to Bank of America and the Witt Family for the generous donations to our Pavilion project!

Thank you to Billings Construction Supply for its donation to the Pavilion project. We appreciate the support as well as the great service you provide for activities at our park!

Thank you, Magic City Soccer Club, for making a donation to your soccer park's improvement project.


Adopt at Tree at Amend Park

Individuals, families, businesses and community groups may adopt a tree in Amend Park for a tax deductible donation. The new trees will aid in water drainage for the fields, as well as provide a wind break and much-needed shade at the park. Your tree adoption will be commemorated by an engraved 5x8 bronze plaque installed near your adopted tree. 


The following trees are available for adoption:

  • Two large trees on the Joel and Andrea Long field:  $1,000 each
  • Trees on the berms:  $800 each
  • Trees along the parking lot:  $400 each

If you are interested in adopting a tree at Amend Park, please e-mail us or call (406)259-7219.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to improve Amend Park!

Name a Field at Amend Park

Please consider making a generous donation to name a field at Amend Park! Two fields remain unnamed and are available for $75,000 each.  These sizable donations will significantly help APDC to further develop park facilities, add new amenities, and continue to maintain and improve the park grass for safe, quality soccer play.


Field Names are commemorated in sandstone, located on the entrance of each field. If you are interested in naming a field, please e-mail us or call 406-670-7539.

Thank you for helping APDC take a substantial step toward improving Amend Park!