About Us



Amend Park Development Council (APDC) was formed in 1992 by a small group of soccer parents to develop Amend Park into a recreational complex with a focus on soccer.  APDC entered a partnership with the City to maintain and develop Amend Park through a Use Agreement, in which it was agreed that APDC would share the responsibility of developing and improving the park. 

Amend Park is a 60-acre park which serves primarily as a soccer facility for the Billings area. As a city park, Amend Park receives standard park maintenance, such as one mowing per week and standard city park irrigation. The collaboration of volunteers and private funding has been necessary to provide additional care and to continue to improve the park to provide quality soccer fields and amenities consistent with community soccer facilities.

Each year, Amend Park is used by over [2,500] soccer players from the local recreational and competitive soccer leagues and high school soccer teams and by at least [4,000] family members and spectators.

In 2007, the responsibility of maintaining the fields at Amend Park was transferred from APDC to the primary users of the park, Yellowstone Soccer Association and Magic City Soccer Club. The soccer organizations use their registration fees as the primary sources of funding to maintain the park to the standard necessary for safe game play. Oversight, scheduling and field maintenance is managed by Amend Park Maintenance Group. Relieved of its maintenance responsibilities, APDC focuses its efforts on continued development and improvement of park amenities.